Evomedia one-year marketing campaign

A one-year online and offline campaign to strengthen Evomedia's market leadership, with complete strategy and execution.

Branding, Strategy, UI, DEV

At the end of 2017, thanks to a major fusion, Evomedia became the largest Hungarian sales agency. With the acquisition of Origo, one of the largest domestic news portals, Evomedia had the largest access to the digital advertising market.

This market advantage was communicated by the company in a comprehensive online and offline marketing campaign, for which we were chosen as an agency partner.

In the design elements of the campaign the market competitors were visualized as planes racing in the sky, the five market leaders with their own brand colors. This air-race is, of course, was led by Evomedia’s green race plane.

The most spectacular element of the campaign was made for the largest Hungarian professional conference, the annual Internet Hungary. Hotel Azúr, the venue of the event decorated an emblematic part, a long glass corridor with the elements of the campaign, with custom-made stickers. The plans were first presented to the client in 3D, and soon took shape in front of many thousands of people.

In addition to the strong online campaign, the offline appearance also played an important role: the advertisements we created appeared in the most popular professional magazines (eg. Kreatív).